“We want to hear from you!”

“We want to hear from you!”

Excitement is growing for The Flyway Trail!

Thank you very much for agreeing to read the draft campaign materials for the $1.2 million Bridging the Bluffs campaign.

Volunteers are contacting more than 150 individuals, businesses and organizations to request input on the campaign’s draft Case Statement and Frequently Asked Questions documents. We are looking for your ideas or input. Many issues and comments identified during this validation process will provide new insight into improving and clarifying the rationale for how trails, like Flyway, can bring tremendous benefits to communities which are connected to them.

Please read the below draft Case Statement and FAQ by September 10 and complete the online form at www.surveymonkey.com/r/flywaytrailvalidation

• Draft FAQ

FAQ Flyway Trail FINAL 9172019

Draft Case Statement

Case Statement Flyway Trail FINAL

Thank you again for taking the time to assist us in developing our campaign materials. We really appreciate your help!


Case Statement Committee Members

Najib Schlosstein, Case Co-chair

Eric Barnard, Case Co-chair

Ben Adank  Neil Isakson David Schmidt

Rick Ahern  Carson Lentz       Paul Schollmeier

Dave Danzinger  Kim Mills     Kurt Schroeder

Dr. Mike Donnenwerth  Lew Overhaug Brad Walker

Will Gibson  Nettie Rosenow     Jim Wilkie

Ross Greedy    Jamie Schell Jake Woodworth