Phase 1 is completed June 20,2020

Phase 2

We will be moving ahead soon on the engineering and planning for Phase 2. Phase 2 completes the 2.8 miles of trail from the Buffalo Town Hall to the Great River Trail at Marshland.

We hope you will consider making a gift!

Bridging the Bluffs Campaign Success                                                                                                                                        

The Flyway Trail Campaign pre-campaign efforts started March 2019. The campaign officially launched in early 2020. Everyone in the Winona and Fountain City regions was given the opportunity to contribute to this important community asset. Volunteers called on prospective donors in person in the early stages of the campaign and by phone toward the end of the campaign.

  •  September-December, 2019: The campaign started its silent phase to secure the top-level leadership pledges. Campaign volunteers began soliciting peers for mid-level goals.
  •  January-March, 2019: The community was invited to attend a launch event officially announcing the campaign and its success thus far. 
  • April-June, 2020: A general public appeal was made for everyone else who had not already been invited to participate. Everyone at this point was invited to give, if they hadn’t already.


  • Celebrate! The goal has been achieved for PHASE 1 and efforts go on to make sure there is funding available for PHASE 2.


Opportunities for Involvement

We will need community involvement to continue to help remind the potential  donors how this project will help improve Fountain City, Winona and beyond economically and socially for generations.

We hope you’ll join us!

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