If you love the Trail Just Say So!

If you love the Trail Just Say So!

We need everyone who supports the trail to write or call members of the Buffalo County Board of Supervisors.

Explain what the trail means to you and your family, how and why you support it and why the connecting to the Great River Trail (phase 2 ) is so monumental. The way that State and Federal grants are structured it has to be given to a municipality. Buffalo County applied for and was awarded a $1.2 million FLAP ( Federal Land Access Program) for Phase 2 so we must shore up support on the Buffalo County Board for this great project, which is where we need your help. Accepting the grant comes with a lot of responsibility and we need to assure the county that we will have secured the matching funds and can cover any unforeseen cost overruns. We also need to convince the Board that we will provide for trail maintenance going forward at little or no cost to the taxpayers. The list of Supervisors and their email is provided below. We can’t do this alone!!! THANK YOU

County Supervisor
District 1 (Town of Nelson and Village of Nelson)Dwight Ruff

District 2 (Town of Maxville, Canton and Mondovi)Brad Schmidtknecht

District 3Town of Naples and Dover)Steven Nelson

District 4 (City of Mondovi Ward 1)Donald A. Hillert

District 5 (City of Mondovi Ward 3

District 6 (City of Mondovi Ward 3)Nathan Nelson

District 7 (Town of Modena, Alma, and Gilmanton)Max Weiss **County Board Vice Chair**

District 8 (City of Alma)Larry Grisen

District 9 (Town of Belvidere and Village of Cochrane)David Danzinger

District 10 (Town of Waumandee and Milton)John Sendelbach

District 11 (Town of Glencoe, Montana and Lincoln)Dennis Bork **County Board Chair**

District 12 (City of Buffalo City)Bill Bruegger

District 13City of Fountain City)Michael L. Taylor

District 14 (Town of Buffalo and Cross)Mary Anne McMillan Urell