Year: 2023

September 28 2023

The trail is in very good shape. We tried using sandbags to fill in some of the erosion trouble spots and it seems to have worked well. We got it mowed a bit late this summer but now there are some plants growing that may hold the soil better. I know some are weeds but […]

Along the Trail

Take some time to walk the trail. There are some interesting plants to see. A few black raspberry bushes have berries almost ready to pick. I noticed that there are many varieties of tree’s ,including some I didn’t recognize.

Winter 2023

A week ago there was a foot of snow on the trail and today some sections are bare and some are glare ice! If you are on the trail keep this in mind. As soon as the weather is warmer and the trail dries up we will grade the trail and fill in the erosion […]