Funding: So What About These Grants?

Funding: So What About These Grants?

So What About These Grants?
Now that the feasibility study is done where will we get the funds to keep working towards building the Flyway Trail?

There are many sources public and private. There are local, state and federal funds available. All have different purposes, requirements and timelines. In Wisconsin, trails are primarily considered for funding by WDNR and WDOT. The DNR grant applications are due in May and are very specific in what they will consider. The WDOT (TE or Transportation Enhancement ) grants are from money allocated to the states by the federal government. They are part of a statewide multi-modal Improvement program, mainly used for facility improvements. Buffalo County Land & Trails Trust would need to partner with local or county government to be eligible to apply for these grants. Buffalo County has already contributed $25000 for the feasibility study from the CapX 2020 funds held by the county for the people of Buffalo County.
The huge federal transportation grants called Tiger Grants ? are extremely competitive but do fund trail projects. Again, our organization would need partners like the county and sponsors to compete for this grant. There are of course, also local organizations and foundations that where we can (and already have) applied for funding.
Thanks to all of you who have donated in the past.

Do YOU know to write Tiger Grants?


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